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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rumors for iPad Mini---the Biggest Rival to Kindle Fire

A fresh report from New York Times mentions that both Apple and Amazon are readying for their new tablets: iPad Mini and 10-inch Kindle Fire, and both of them will be released in near future. As is known to all, the Amazon’s stunning success with 7-inch Kindle Fire is the reason why Apple joins the fierce competition on smaller screened tablet area. Among a variety of 7-inch tablets in currently marketplace, Kindle Fire and iPad Mini are the most expected ones and also Kindle Fire is widely viewed as the key rival for the upcoming iPad Mini. Do you think which one will become the true flagship in smaller screened  tablet market? Here let me take a comprehensive summary on presently rumors on iPad Mini. Perhaps you will obtain the answer from the news.

iPad Mini Display: At the start of March, Digitimes reported that the new iPad Mini would actually come with a 7.85-inch Retina-quality display that you can see in iPhone 4S and New iPad, plus a 1024 x 768 resolution will be featured that is the same pixels as the original iPad 2. Here, you will find that the iPad Mini seems a little bigger than the 7-inch screen found on the Kindle Fire and its resolution is tad higher than Kindle Fire which contains a resolution of 1024 x 600.

iPad Mini Storage and Memory: In order to keep the cost of iPad Mini down, one online source reckons the iPad Mini will ship with just 8GB internal storage, which is the same amount as the Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

iPad Mini Price: According to another online source, it claims that the iPad Mini will land with a very reasonable price tag between $200 and $ 250.----we deeply hope this can turn out to be a truth! Speaking of the selling price, we should mention that the Amazon Kindle Fire only needs a cost at $199. For those ones who are unwilling to afford a bit higher price iPad Mini, perhaps the Kindle Fire will be a more attractive option for consumers. Personally, I don't believe Apple could charge less than $299 for an iPad Mini.

Other Features on iPad Mini: For the thickness of iPad Mini, Japanese blog Macotakara cites an unknown source, claiming the iPad Mini will be a 7.2mm thick and come with 3G functionality, while the Kindle Fire is on a 11.4mm thick but only loaded with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Although there  is no official announcement for the iPad Mini release data, global masses are highly expecting the new 7-inch tablet coming to market later this year  and delivering us with excellent features and different feelings while operating iPad Mini in small shape.

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