Tuesday, March 12, 2013

5 Best Wi-Fi Apps for Android to Boost Mobile Network and Wi-Fi Signals

For smartphone owners, actually there is nothing more frustrating than having a poor network signal or Wi-Fi connection, which leaves you with a slow internet connection or a hard time to make calls and send text messages. No matter how powerful your device is, I bet you will not enjoy it much without a decent internet connection or a strong network signal to work with. To avoid you lost in a bad situation, here I have put together 5 best free Android Wi-Fi apps to boost your mobile network and Wi-Fi signals, find public Wi-Fi networks, turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot and more. 

1. Wi-Fi Analyzer

This is the most powerful Wi-Fi app for Android. Whether you are using home Wi-Fi or you are always using free public Wi-Fi access points, Wi-Fi Analyzer could help you boost your Wi-Fi connection. When setting up a Wi-Fi connection at home, you can use this app to evaluate the best channel to use so as to avoid overlapping with other Wi-Fi connections and essentially giving you better signal strength.

It also works great if you are in a public area where there are lots of Wi-Fi connections. You can use it to evaluate which wireless networks are the best to connect to. Quite easy to use Android Wi-Fi app. Recommended. 

2. Wi-Fi Manager

Managing your Wi-Fi connections will be a piece of cake if you use Wi-Fi Manager. It lets you find, connect and manage Wi-Fi networks freely. Taking it into use, you can easily find open networks around you. If you have more than a handful of networks available, managing them would be quite easy via this app.

The app includes two home screen widgets: one displaying detailed connection info, another letting you switch among favorite networks with a single tap. It also includes graphical channel which helps improve the connection quality, giving your connection speed a boost every time you use the app. It is really a useful app to use and becomes my favorite. 

3. OpenSignalMaps

Have you tried walking all around your house just to get a better signal for you phone? I bet you have done that at least once. It is a little hard to guess where you can get the best signal. Some even climb to the roof of their houses just to get a better signal, but you don’t have to do that when you use OpenSignalMaps. This app will literally show you where you can get a strong signal for your device.

When you use the app, it shows you the direction of the signal through an arrow, a map and even a radar where the location of cellular towers are shown. This way, you don’t have to guess and walk around to find a signal; instead you can follow the locations of the cellular towers where a strong network signal is surely available. Aside from helping you out with your network signal, it also shows where you are getting your Wi-Fi connection, helping you find free network connections wherever you are. 

4.Wi-Fi Finder

If you are on the lookout for a nice and functional Wi-Fi scanner, you can consider using this app on my queue of Android Wi-Fi apps. It allows you to connect all Wi-Fi networks: Open, WEP, WPA and WPA2. Simple yet useful app.


List of network contains channel, graphic level, encryption.
Save/remove networks supported - Forget option.
Auto Scan function. 

5. Free Zone - Free WiFi Scanner

Want to save money and cut your 3G fee? If so, this app is your must have. With free Zone Wi-Fi, you can save up on your 3G data package as this app keeps you posted about all available free networks. Unlike a number of other Android Wi-Fi apps which just display paid hotspots or those which refuse to work, this software lets you know about over 1,500,000 hotspots that are absolutely free. Whether you launch it or not, it continues to run in the background and search for available networks. As soon as you are in the vicinity of an open hotspot, your mobile will connect automatically to the Internet.

So, which Android Wi-Fi finder you are using now? Also in my list? If no, just share it with us in the comments!

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  3. I think people need to realize that the only real speed increases are achieved by bonding channels together. That sounds good on paper but add other routers nearby doing that same thing with only so many channels to work with and you end up with problems. What really needed to happen was either more channels and more bandwidth between them or limit 2.4Ghz band to a single channel system and work to expand another band such as the 5Ghz band for faster throughput. I really think people try and push the 2.4ghz band too far with channel bonding. You now have a default setting to 20mhz bandwidth as default with N mode routers.

  4. Im not sure witch one in using! It might be boostmobile

  5. Not necessarily. Most of them reset the modems and allow for the device to connect to closer towers, resulting in a more stable and faster connection.
    WiFi boosters usually optimize WiFi settings. In most cases you can't do better than 1%-10% but they do work a little bit.

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