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Thursday, December 27, 2012

10 Best Movies of 2012 – Movie Review

As needing to say goodbye to the year of 2012, time again for us to make some lists again. Today comes the Top 10 Best Movies of 2012. If you love movies, you must find that there are a wealth of memorable films worthy to love on 2012, like The Dark Knight Rises, Argo, Life of Pi, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, etc. Now let us check out the new list of 10 best films of 2012. If your favorites are on the list, just sound off in the comments section below!

1. The Dark Knight Rises 

If someone asks you which one is the real movie in 2012, your answer is surely The Dark Knight Rises. Yes indeed, no other movie could be competitive with it! It is an endless 4-year wait to see the release of this most-anticipated movie after the tremendous success of The Dark Knight. As the ending movie of Nolan's Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises is proven to never let us down.

In the movie, Bruce Wayne will end his career as Batman in a totally unexpected way. After the death of Harvey Dent, Batman has disappeared in Gotham until the coming of Bane. However, in a fight against Bane, Batman is serious wounded and jailed in a well where he learned the strength of fear. When he is free, he needs to stop Bane and his crazy nuclear plan. Excellent in plot and profound in meaning, this film puts the Dark Knight franchise up there as one of the best superhero film series ever.

2. Argo 

It would be shocking to hear someone who had seen this movie yet say it wasn't good. There are three great and surprisingly suspenseful movies this year about known historical event. Argo is absolutely one of them, just besides Lincoln, Zero Dark. As a terrific, nail-biting thriller, Argo is grounded on the true story of how an extraction specialist from the CIA tried to get U.S. diplomats out from 1970s Iran. Ben Affleck directed this film brilliantly. Truthfully, Argo is the only movie this year that kept me on the edge of my seat from the beginning to the end.

3. Life of Pi 

Personally, I was never a fan of Yann Martel's book. The ending of the book feels too cruel and despair. However, I adore Ang Lee's adaptation for Martel's bestseller, which leaves the film ending more open to interpretation and hope. Possibly you got the same thought as me. From those playful and diorama-like scenes of Pi’s youth in India and his religious awakening, the movie captivates our imagination and never let go. Undeniably it is the best 3D movies in recent history, and even better then Avatar. The flying fish, the crazy island, that whale rising from the sea are giving a feast for our eyes. Its ideas about the power of the mind and the human capacity for survival make us inspiring never before.

4. The Avengers 

If you are a fan of comic book characters, The Avengers is a no-brainer. This all-star movie put the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow and Captain America together, making up a dream team called The Avengers to against the alien army troops. As an innovative superhero movie, it won over 1.5 billion dollars in worldwide box office and broke the records created by The The Dark Knight, The Avatar and Harry Potter. Absolutely, it is the best movie of 2012 and set a model for all other superhero movies.

5. Moonrise Kingdom 

Moonrise Kingdom is also a quite impressive film in 2012. This film is completely different from the other movies in my list here. Set on an island off the coast of New England in the summer of 1965, Moonrise Kingdom tells the story of two twelve-year-olds who fall in love, make a secret pact, and run away together into the wilderness. Director Anderson is trying to return us to a simpler life and leaves us away from the inner battle between the fantasy we wish we lived in and the reality we can't escape.

6. The Hobbit: An unexpected Journey 

Though it is only been in theaters for less than two weeks, director Peter Jackson's The hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has already crossed the $500 million mark worldwide at the box office. It is widely seen the most expected film at the end of 2012. The film was truly spectacular in many cases, it brought many of the scenes that I has imagined in the book to life and even refined my perspective on them. The film atmosphere was spot on, the acting was excellent, the visuals are stunning and Bilbo was done excellently by Martin Freeman. So to speak, Peter Jackson has done a great job in capturing the soul of the Hobbit.

7. Les Miserables 

I am pretty sure you will soon stand up and applaud Les Miserables after watching it on the theatre. Oscar-winning director Tom Hooper is attempting to breathe new life and perspective into this Victor's classic 1862 novel. Set in the tumultuous era of nineteenth century France , this movie tells an enthralling story of broken dreams and unrequited love, passion, sacrifice and redemption-a timeless testament to the survival of the human spirit. It is completely a perfect vision of the epic tale and lives up to its title one of the best movies at the end of 2012.

8. Skyfall 

James Bond made a vibrant return after taking years off. After being abandoned in a secret mission, James Bond shows his loyalty to Madame M by voluntarily taking the mission to save the world from another conspiracy. As the latest member of the most successful spy movie series ever, Skyfall comes with great cinematography and an entertaining villain. There are so many highlights in the highly acclaimed movies, like the innovative and cool hi-tech products, the background of James Bond, all of which make this 007 movie become a classic of all time.

9. Lincoln 

The first time Lincoln comes out on the big screen. This film is Steven Spielberg and Tony Kushner's warm, literate portrait of the 16th president in the last few months of the Civil War and of his life. Daniel Day Lewis is Abraham Lincoln, who gives an unbelievable performance. Sally Field's performance as Mary Todd Lincoln was incredibly emotional and also fully realized. This movie highlights the flaws and beauty of democracy and prove that with strong leadership and a passionate people, we can make change. Great movie to help us realize who we are!

10. The Hunger Games 

It is generally known that the success of The Hunger Games is totally out of expectations. Being a low-budget movie, it soon enjoy great popularity after released on March and wins over 408 million dollars in domestic box office. Based on the novel written by Susan Collins, The Hunger games mainly deals with the suffering of a girl name Katniss and a boy name Peeta in a fighting to death match. The victory of the movie also boosts the great selling of original books. It is a wonderful movie that should top on the year's best movie list.

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Top 5 Free Android Apps to Stream Movies and TV Shows

Far as I know, more and more people are inclined to watch movies or catch up TV shows with their tablets or phones. Yes indeed! Those mobile devices provide us a handy way for daily entertainment while lying in the bed, on the travel or just on the move. If you are a film lover and currently look for some top yet free apps to suit your cinematic needs, just check my list here. I pick 5 best free apps for the cineaste and TV lovers in all of us. From cinema listings to streaming blockbusters, these apps will put you in the picture.

1. IMDb Movies And TV (Free) 
Anyone loves movie will know that IMDB (Internet Movie Database) is an absolute must-have. It’s the most comprehensive source of film info around, making it absolutely essential. It is quite helpful for tacking showtimes at the local cinema, checking out gossip and trivia about your favorite shows and movie stars, and for watching trailer to upcoming films. This app also lets you buy movies from Amazon right inside it. If you feel the need, you can add it to your collection. This definitely is a must download for every movie buff.

2. Netflix (Free) 
Netflix is one of the biggest name on streaming TV shows as well as movies. If you are a member of their subscription service, you could gain access to an unlimited amount of films and TV programmes to stream on your tablet. Although the selection of movies cannot compare with IMDb, but new titles are being added every day. The highlight of this app is that it allows you to start watching a film on one device and continue watching it on another. For example, you can firstly watch a film on your tablet, then finish watching it on your laptop or some other devices.

3. Movies By Flixster (Free) 
If you want a great way to look up recent releases in your local area, this app is for you. It lists current box-office titles, showtimes and view trailers. You can also get critic review and score from Rotten Tomatoes, create and share your want-to-see movie lists, and rate and review movies. You also allow linking up with your Facebook account to make your shares more social.

4. Crackle (Free) 
Another great movie streaming service for you. Crackle allows you to watch full-length Hollywood films and TV series' at totally no cost at all and without subscription. But one thing I should mention that the TV series are not particularly attractive and the movies are a little bit out-fashion. It is said that 20 new TV episodes and movies are added on a monthly basis. You are free to create your own queue of movies. Note that your device should run above Android V2.2 and support Flash 10.1 or later.

5. GetGlue (Free) 
GetGlue is also a booming app that lets you check-in movies, TV shows and music. There are so many popular TV shows covered like American Idol, Glee, Dancing with the Stars. The app allows you to chat with friends while watching TV. You are also allowed to view what your friends are watching. It you are subscription member, you can view personalized recommendations and unlock stickers and discounts.

Okay, all my recommendations of best 5 free Android apps to stream movies and TV shows are all listed. You are highly recommended to show any other streaming app that you are using in the comments section!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Top 5 E-Readers to Gift Give This Holiday

With the price of e-Readers went down while quality and choice increased, gifting an e-Reader becomes more and more popular this holiday season. To help you navigate through all of the choices that are available for sale this holiday season, I have put together a list of top 5 best eReaders in this post. Each one lists price and some details that summarize the e-Readers’ features. Check out!

  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (from $119)
As Amazon's flagship e-Reader, Kindle Paperwhite comes with a 6-inch touch screen that features 62% more pixels for sharper, clearer text and a 25% better contrast than on earlier Kindles. It also has a built-in back light tool for readers who like to read in the dark, and an anti-glare screen so that you can read it in the sunlight. It is tied to Amazon’s ecosystem, which means low prices on content, but you have to convert ePUB files.

The Kindle Paperwhite comes in WiFi only and WiFi + 3G, which allows users to download books anywhere with a cell phone connection. The Kindle Paperwhite offers an 8 week battery life, even with the light on and holds up to 1,100 books. Amazing feature is that the Kindle Paperwhite includes the ability to see how long it will take to finish a chapter based on how fast the user reads and allows users to borrow books from the Kindle Owner's lending library. For eReaders, Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is a solid choice.

  • Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch Glowlight (from $119) 
Nook Simple Touch Glowlight is also a top pick and goes head-to-head with Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite, both in terms of price and features. The luckiest thing for Nook owners is that this 6-inch e-Reader starts at $ $119 like the Paperwhite, but without any force ads there. 

The amazing eIink touch display beats the glare while reading outdoors and in bright light. The display also glows offering a lit reading experience at night.
 Users can adjust the level of lighting as well as font sizes. The battery lasts a month on a single charge with the light on. There are over 2.5 million books, magazines and newspapers to be chosen. 

  • Kobo Glo (from $129.99) 
Kobo Glo is Kobo's answer to Nook Glowlight and Amazon Paperlight. It is a 6-inch touch e-Reader that comes with an illuminated eInk screen, which allows users to read at night and in bright light. It retails for $129.99 , supports ePUB files and 2GB of memory – with the option to add a 32GB microSD card if you want to cart the entire Library of Alexandria around with you. There's also a handy Type Genius feature that lets you fine-tune your fonts.

The Glo bookstore has a repository of three million books, newspapers and magazines, one million of which are free. It may not be the biggest in-built book store, but considering the Glo supports all the major file types, it is a simple case of buying the ebooks elsewhere and transferring them onto your Kobo Glo. 

  • Amazon Kindle (from $69) 
Page loads are slightly faster, the screen has better contrast and Amazon has introduced "hand-tuned" fonts to make everything look more appealing.

The Kindle from Amazon starts at $69. Personally it is a nice holiday gift with a more affordable price. Thanks to its lightweight, it is easy to slip to a pocket or a bag for long reading sessions. It uses eInk technology to delivery books that look almost like real paper, and it is great for reading outdoors. Kindle battery life is pegged at 1 month with WiFi turned off, so there's no need to charge it every night.

The Kindle holds over 1,000 books and can download more books over WiFi in under a minute. The Kindle offers access to a huge selection of books on the Amazon Kindle store and 180,000 books to borrow free with an Amazon Prime membership. 

  • Kobo Mini (from $79.99) 
The Kobo Mini is another small and portable e-Reader that could make a great gift this holiday season. It is a pretty cool 5-inch pocket sized touchscreen e-Reader that fits in the palm of your hand. If you want something light weight to carry but are unwilling to read on a phone, just go for Kobo Mini. It cost $79.99.

It features 2GB of storage and one month's battery life once turning off Wi-Fi. Users can also replace its back cover with a choice of colorful options. Kobo offers access to nearly 1 million free eBooks and a library of 3 million books total, which is in line with Amazon's offering. The Kobo Mini also supports ePub and Adobe DRM for eBooks.

In all fairness, above e-Readers provide users a paper-like reading experience as planning to read indoors or at night without a light on. E-Readers make an affordable and excellent gift for all ages, you can pick up the best ereader already on your mind and send it to loved ones this holiday season.

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Five Most Anticipated Movies of 2013

2012 was a bumper year for Hollywood, both commercially and artistically. There are so many blockbusters like The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Argo, Looper and Moonrise Kingdom got universal acclaim from fans and critics, and received favorably by moviegoers. So to speak, 2012 was a happy year for everyone, as long as you love movies.

Well, 2012 is almost over with 7 days to go and I do believe it is the time for you to know what amazing movies await us in the year of 2013. Curious about that? Ha-ha, I bet your answer is totally YES! So here let us take a look at the 5 movies all set to be released next year and perhaps they are the ones you are most awaited, expected and anticipated. Enjoy!

  • Iron Man 3 

Just for me, I enjoy every Iron Man film. Although the bad news is that Jon Favreau won not be returning as director, the good news is that Shane Black is still a fantastic replacement and Robert Downey Jr. is still the Iron Man. So, no worries!

Once you look at the trailer of Iron Man 3, you must find that the Iron Man looks to be his most vulnerable ever, but that might make this all-star superhero movie one of the year's best. Anyway, I am pretty sure you guys are waiting anxiously for the third installment in the Iron Man franchise. Will it atone for the lackluster Iron Man 2? Tell me your answer!

  • The Hobbit: There and Back Again

This is the second half of The Hobbit movie and the follow-up to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey that has already released on Dec. 2012. If you are the fans of Lord of Rings, I do believe you will be tempted by The Hobbit series, and this move will hit gold at the box-office regardless. One bad news for you all, some LOTR characters are not included in The Hobbit.

The movie will pick up after Thorin and Company having crossed the Misty Mountains. They must trudge, and trudge a bit more, before accomplishing one quest and setting off for another, and completing the main quest in the end. In their journeys, they will face various adversities, ranging from ruthless creatures to Stephen Colbert, which they shall overcome by bravery, companionship and perseverance. Well, I summed up all Tolkien fiction, but more surprises should be found on The Hobbit series. Guys, move to the movie house right now! 

  • Pacific Rim 

Guess who is the director of this particular movie? Ha-ha, the director is in fact Guillermo Del Toro. You know, Del Toro is famed for not only his great visual storytelling process, but his amazingly creative creature creations of which I’m sure this film will not be in short stock of. And you will have the recipe for the biggest sci-fi action epic of the year.

The story is set in a future in which malevolent creatures threaten the earth, and it’s about how the planet bands together and uses highly advanced technology to eradicate the growing menace. Personally, the plot is a little bit clich├ęd, but I am quite excited to see this big surprise hit next year. I guess you guys feel the same as me. 


Although so many people are not down with Tom Cruise anymore, but this particular movie is a quite great one. On one hand, it is an original movie. On the other hand, it is a science-fiction, and more it comes from Joseph Kosinski, who gave us TRON: Legacy. Well, let us ignore the last part and just focus on the original sci-fi part. This script comes from William Monahan, telling a fantasy about a former solider who is the last person left on Earth after a war with alien race and trying to find someone else in this lonely world. Guess who is companion? Let the movie tell you!

  • Man of Steel

With the end of batman's saga, it is now time for Superman to rise. Again Zach Snyder co-produces with Christopher Nolan to make the new reboot Man of Steel. It is without doubt that Christopher Nolan will inject some of his dark batman Trilogy sensibilities into this film and director Zach Snyder guarantees the impressive film visual effects. All you guys should give a first-hand look at film's new trailer, or you will miss one of the best trailers I've seen this year! 

Seemingly 2013 primarily belongs to the science-fiction genre and is also another amazing year of films. Let us stay tuned for the upcoming 2013 movies. Further, my lists are based on the most popular opinions online. If you have other favorites, share them below!

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

7 Most Anticipated Smartphones Expected to Launched in 2013

2012 was packed full of amazing smartphone releases like Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3, iPhone 5, HTC One X, Lumia 920, etc. As we head to 2013, guess what coming phones will take the place of 2012’s best? I heard that some high-end devices will come to shelves in 2013, including iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4, so I make some educated guesses about all potential devices that should be due in 2013. Let us take a look at below post to know about all highly anticipated smartphone launches predicted for the year 2013. 

1. Samsung Galaxy S4                           Release Date: Rumored for February 2013

With the huge success of Galaxy S3- as device is sold over 30 million worldwide, now countless eyes are focusing on the South Korean tech giant Samsung's next Galaxy product- Galaxy S4. Now there are already rumors spinning around about the Galaxy S4. Seemingly Samsung will show off it in February 2013 at the Mobile World Congress (NWC) event.

Based on the most recent rumors, Galaxy S4 will feature a 5-icnh OLED display, ARM Cortex A15 quad-core processor, 12/32/64GB internal storage options, 3GB RAM, 13MP rear camera, 1.9MP front camera, 3200mAh battery and LTE and NFC connectivity features.

2. Apple iPhone 5S                      Release Date: Rumored for Mid-2013.

Rumors are already swirling about Apple's next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5S or whatever it is called. In line with recent rumors, Apple has started the trail production of iPhone 5S in December and the mass production will be started in Q1 2013. Not much is known about this upcoming mobile other than Apple may unveil it in the middle or end of 2013, just like it did with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S.

As of now, one feature we can make certain is that iPhone 5S will run iOS 7 as Apple tends to release a new version of iOS with its yearly smartphone. May Apple could make some oh-so-amazing upgrades to the next iPhone, just more attractive then iPhone 5. 

3. Galaxy Note 3        Release Date: Unknown, but likely in late 2013.

With the Galaxy Note 2 enjoying great popularity and selling quite well, we all fully expect Samsung to release the third generation Galaxy note mobile at some point next year, maybe at CES 2013 in Las Vegas or in September just Samsung ever did with Galaxy Note 2.

Because the Galaxy Note 2 is so new, there is nearly zero information out about Samsung's plan. However, recent news reveals that the Galaxy Note 3 will be packed with a 6.3-inch screen. Expect Samsung will devise some newer killer upgrades for the Galaxy Note 3.

4. BlackBerry 10 L-series smartphones      Release Date: Confirmed for Q1 2013

RIM has confirmed that it will hold a special event on January 30, 2013 for the official release of BB 10 OS and the launch for a couple of smartphones – one with QWERTY keypad and the other with virtual keyboard. It is also reported that the smartphone based on BB 10 OS will start selling from February 2013.

And recently, the clearest pictures on BlackBerry 10 L-series phone have leaked. You can check out my last post regarding its stuffed features. This is likely RIM’s last chance to make a splash so it will be interesting to see how it plays out. 
5. Nokia Lumia 9xx                                  Release Date: Unknown, likely in late 2013

Nokia Lumia 920 is a fantastic phone featuring WP8, a fantastic camera and powerful hardware. We expect Nokia could wonder us with another great, affordable Lumia release in 2013. 
6. Motorola Droid RAZR 2              Release Date: Unknown, likely mid to late 2013
Motorola always focuses on offering phones with solid designs, massive HD displays and unmatched battery life. All of those make us highly anticipated to its next RAZR flagship in 2013. Surely, it is a quite exciting thing to wait that new amaze.

7. HTC EVO 4G LTE 2                         Release Date: Unknown, likely mid-2013
One of the best Android smartphones of the year was the yearly HTC EVO release for Sprint's network. Currently nothing is known about a potential EVO 4G LTE 2, but we hope HTC will redesign it with a quality display, solid camera, and a thin design. We’ve also seen HTC make strides in the battery and storage space arenas, so the EVO 4G LTE 2 could feature the whole package.

Which one is your expectation in 2013? Just let me know below! 

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Top 6 Tech Gifts for Your Tech-addicted Friends or Family on 2012 Christmas

As is known to all, Christmas is a time for giving, a time for reflection and a time for buying tons and tons of gadgets- either as gifts or for yourself. For those who plan to shop for some gadgets as the greatest Christmas gifts, here I have rounded up top 5 best tech gifts for yourself or your loved ones. Although there is an absolute ton of amazing technical wonders on the shelves for your consideration, but only those greatest ones are listed! Whether you’re looking to treat yourself this Christmas or want some inspiration when buying for others, here has what you want!

HTC 8X: If your loved one has always been a strong supporter of Windows Phone but have struggled to find hardware he like as much as the OS, HTC 8X would be a solid option. Its slim design fits wonderfully in the palm, the screen is just the right size - not too big that he can't reach across to both sides, but also not too small he have to squint to view web pages. It's lightweight, unlike the Nokia Lumia 920 or 820 and it feels just perfect. If you plan to choose a Windows Phone gift this Christmas, just go for HTC 8X.
iPhone 5: Apple's latest smartphone would make a great gift for your loved ones who didn't join the rush to buy the iPhone 5 the minute it came out. Faster, thinner and lighter than previous iPhone models, the iPhone 5 reaches a feverish pitch when released on September, and more amazingly Apple sold more than 5 million within the first three days of availability. Since nearly each one in this planet is deeply tempted by iPhone 5, your loved ones are exception as well. So no hesitations to get an iPhone 5 at Apple Store and send it as a Christmas gift.
Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Can’t decide whether to surprise your loved ones this year with a tablet or a smartphone? If that is the case, just gift him with the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Its half-smartphone, half-tablet design makes the Samsung Galaxy Note II stand out from slew of mobile devices on the market today. The gadget comes with Google’s latest mobile OS – Android 4.1 Jelly Bean – along with 4G support and a whopping 5.5in HD display. Samsung also offers its S Pen stylus along with the Note.  
iPad Mini: Taking its 7.87-inch size into consideration, iPad Mini is a quite perfect gift for your friends or family members who are frequent travelers. Its smaller frame lets the iPad mini easily slide into purses or briefcases, and users can hold the tablet with just one hand. It delivers all the same features as its bigger sister, just in a smaller and more portable package. As a premium level device, iPad Mini is the Christmas gift your loved one really wouldn't be disappointed to see under the Christmas tree.
Google Nexus 7: Apple's iPad Mini is starting to rule the tablet market, but that doesn't mean there aren't any worthy competitors out there. Google's Nexus 7, a 7-inch, Android-based tablet, is one of them. It sells for almost $130 less than iPad Mini, letting you save more bucks while selecting Christmas gifts. Its prettiest design, modest price tag and high-profile hardware make it almost the perfect tablet out there. Especially considering its extra 3G capability, I do believe you will throw away iPad Mini and choose Nexus 7 as the best Christmas gift. Will your loved ones fall in love with it? Absolutely yes!
Microsoft Surface: Face-to-face, Surface is a quite great gift for those who are curious about how Windows 8 OS runs on a slim, small-sized and lightweight tablet. Featuring a 10-inch tablet size, Surface comes with an integrated kickstand, which is the most amazing feature on Surface and meanwhile allows users to prop it up to watch movies or browse the web hands-free. It starts at $559 and can be bundled with Microsoft’s Touch Cover keyboard for an additional $130 to offer a more laptop-like experience. 

Okay, those are all my recommendations on 2012 best tech Christmas presents! If you have another Christmas tech gift ideas, just share them with me and I will add them to my post! 

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Top 6 Most Wanted Christmas Gifts of 2012 Christmas Holiday

Countdown to the cheerful Christmas starts! You know, just 11 days left! Making you excited? Well, as Christmas ideas are trickling out both physical stores and online retailers, finding the perfect Christmas gifts for your family members and friends becomes overwhelming! Right now, keep your eyes open and hunt for the greatest Christmas gifts among a thousand!  To let you embrace the greatest and best Christmas presents, here I have make a list of top 6 most wanted Christmas gifts of 2012, just find the one that fits you best!

1. iPad Mini

Far as I know, iPad Mini has topped on 2012 most-wanted Christmas presents list. If your loved ones are Apple addicts, iPad Mini is no doubt your best choice. Every year Apple lead the way in the latest, hot, must have gadget. This year is the iPad Mini, a smaller, more compact and more importantly, cheaper alternative to the iPad. It comes with so many great features to let us surf the internet freely, watch beloved movies, play video games, view photos and more. So, just shop for an iPad Mini and send it to your loved ones as Christmas present. I bet the receiver will smile from ear to ear when getting iPad on Christmas morning.

2. Smart Phones 
Coolest touch-screen phones are the gadgets catering to everyone in your list. You know, no matter kids, teenagers, adults or old men need to keep contact with family and friends by using a phone. Moreover, they could take use of a handset to listen to Christmas carols, watch Christmas movies, etc. to deeply immerse into Christmas spirit. So, if your precious one is just lack of a smart phone, consider giving him a favorite mobile this Christmas! Pick the best smartphone from highly-reputed mobile phone producer like Apple, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, etc. I am sure your family and friend will like it!

3. Video Converter
Video Converter is also a red-hot Christmas gift of late. Many moviegoers prefer to enjoy some hot-trending movies to spend this long and boring winter holiday season. So, picking up one quite helpful video converter to help him solve the format incompatibility issue would sounds great. No matter your collected movies are downloaded from YouTube or copied from DVD/BD, such kind of video converter could do its job well to convert videos among all popular formats to suits your Kindle Fire, iPhone 5, iPad Mini or some other portable devices perfectly!

For buddies who desire to DIY treasured Christmas video to express their deep love to family members, you can also take use of this video converter make some funny Christmas videos with unforgettable moments for your loved ones or take a snapshot from a Christmas video to get a special Christmas card for your buddy. I bet this is the most unique and special Christmas gift that your family members or friends have received.

4. DVD Movies 

When the swirling snow dances gracefully outside across the sky, nothing would be cozier than enjoying Christmas movies with loved ones around the fireplace. So, to send some hottest and newest DVD movies like The Avengers, The Amazing-spider Man is absolutely one of top Christmas gift ideas for family members and pals to relax and unwind after tired house decoration and Christmas meal preparation. Just hunt for the DVD release online and choose the DVD movie according to your loved ones’ taste!

5. Holidays for Whole Family 

Christmas is not only a time for shopping, cooking dishes and decorating houses, but also a season for a family holiday. With the long-awaited Christmas holiday is not too far off, just take your loved ones on a trip. Ha-ha, no one in this planet could refuse the charm of traveling, including you you you and you!!! So, surprise your friend or family member with a trip gift. If your loved ones have long expected to go to Australia or some other places, you can make his dream come true by giving him with a trip. When opening your gift, I do believe he will be the happiest one of the world!

6. Gift Card 

Those practical gift cards are also great options for Christmas presents. You can give your loved ones a gift card and let him buy whatever he likes. For example, if your friend owns a Kindle Fire, you could give him an Amazon gift card to let him buy movies, music, apps he like. If he is an Apple follower, instead, give him an iTunes gift card.

Pretty sure that giving and receiving lovely Christmas gifts will not only put big smiles on faces but also means special Christmas memories! Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

BlackBerry 10 L-Series Clearest Pictures Leaked-BlackBerry's Last Hope

The most stirring news of today is that the clearest photos yet have emerged showing off Blackberry next-generation mobile, BlackBerry 10 L-series, and you may have noticed that it looks more like iPhone 5 and Motorola Droid X. 

Apart from the images, no official specifications or clues as to the internal hardware and release date are leaked. Presently, analysts are guessing that BlackBerry 10 devices will start arriving on store shelves in or around March of 2013. Really look forward to the arrival of this high-end smartphone. 

After browsing through the leaked images, you will find that the new BlackBerry phone has no home button. Moreover, the front of the purported BlackBerry L-Series handset is dominated by a glass-covered edge-to-edge display, which is a significant upgrade from the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha handset. The handset likely keeps the 1280x768 resolution of its predecessor, along with 16GB or more of internal storage which can be upgraded using an included micro-SD card slot. The front of the device also includes a front-facing camera and the usual silvered BlackBerry logo beneath the display. 

Other shots reveal a 1,800mAh battery, NFC supported, a rear-facing camera with flash, and a micro-USB data and charging connector. A micro-HDMI connector is also included on the handset, providing it with the ability to connect to high-resolution external displays - suggesting RIM will be bundling film rental services, as its rivals Apple and Google do with their respective operating systems. 

It is widely believe that BlackBerry L-Series is potentially the first fully touchscreen BB10 device. Assorted rumors suggest that the BlackBerry 10 will be officially unveiled on January 30th, 2012, which is designed to take BlackBerry handsets out of the featurephone era and into the world of the smartphone with full support for HTML5 browsing, high-resolution displays and third-party applications - including support for some Android apps.

Will BlackBerry 10 save RIM? Will the L series survive without a keyboard? Let us stay tuned!
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