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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tablet Wars: Nexus 10 vs iPad 4 vs Windows Surface vs Kindle Fire HD 8.9

Just recently, Google has introduced a new 10-inch tablet to its flagship Nexus line, which officially called Nexus 10. As a device built by the cooperation between Google and Samsung, you will find that Nexus 10 picks up some design concepts from Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Note 10.1. So, we have enough reasons to believe this 10-inch Android tablet contains strong power to stack up against the newest iPad 4, Windows Surface and even the Kindle Fire HD 8.9. So, now let us take a look at the key features of all four tablets and then figure out which one is the finally king.

Screen resolution:
If you are seeking for a high quality screen, the Nexus 10 is undoubtedly the first choice. The screen resolution of the Nexus 10 is 2560 x 1600p for the 10-inch screen which comes to 300 pixels per inch beating iPad 4, Surface and Kindle Fire HD 8.9.

You know, the iPad 4 has a 2048×1536p resolution at 264 pixels per inch for a 9.7 inch screen. Surface features a 1,366 x 768p resolution at 148 pixels per inch for a 10.6 inch screen. Kindle Fire HD 8.9 includes a 1,920 x 1,200p resolution at 254 pixels per inch for an 8.9 inch screen.

Winner: Nexus 10.

When it comes to the processing speed, Nexus 10 has a 1.7GHz dual-core Samsung Exynos processor with 2GB RAM, while iPad 4 has a dual-core A6X processor with unknown RAM; Surface includes a 1.5Ghz Quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU with 2GB RAM; Kindle Fire HD 8.9 features a dual-core 1.5GHz chip with 2GB RAM.

Although Apple does not reveal the RAM of iPad 4, it is widely believed iPad 4 is just with 1GB RAM. Based on the data, you might think Nexus 10 is the best one. However in my view, the phone speed cannot just be decided by its processor. The overall performance of a phone is the real determiner.

No winner here

Based on official introduction, Nexus 10 has a 5MP rear camera and 1.9-megapixel front camera for video chat; iPad 4 comes with a 5MP rear camera and a 1.2MP front camera; Surface contains two 720p HD cameras and Kindle Fire HD 8.9 includes a HD front camera.

Winner: Nexus 10

Operating system:
The Nexus 10 ships with Android 4.2 and some new features like gesture typing are added. iPad 4 runs iOS 6 and supports the smart assistant Siri. Only considering Google Map, I think Nexus 7 is better than iPad 4. At least I will never use the stupid Apple Map.

With regard to Windows Surface, it comes with Microsoft's newest Windows 8 OS. However, the apps on Windows 8 platform are so poor. Well, the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is just with Android 4.0.

Winner: Nexus 10

The Nexus 10 and Surface support Wi-Fi but no 3G or 4G service, while iPad 4 and Kindle Fire HD 8.9 supports both 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connections.

Winner: iPad 4 and Kindle Fire HD

Battery life:
Far as I know, Surface supports 8 hours of mixed activities; iPad 4 lasts 10 hours of video playback; both Nexus 10 and Kindle Fire HD 8.9 can be used for 9 hours video playback.

Winner: iPad 4

Nexus 10 starts at $399, while iPad 4 starts at $499, Surface starts at $499 and Kindle Fire HD starts at $299. Considering the cost and performance, undoubtedly Nexus 10 is the best one.

Winner: Nexus 10

To sum up, Nexus 10 and iPad 4 are the winners when comparing the performance.
In consideration of the high cost-effectiveness, Nexus 10 is the obvious winner.
Only take into account price, just choose Kindle Fire HD 8.9.
Okay, I will never recommend you using Windows Surface due to its high price and bad performance, only if you want to take a try on Windows 8 OS.

To make you more clear about all fours tablets, an in-depth table is provided for your reference:

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