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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Mysterious Samsung Note 7 Overheating Issue Delays Development of S8

It has been nearly two months since Samsung globally recalled Galaxy Note 7. At first, the battery of Note 7 was thought to blame, and thus Samsung replaced the battery by new one. However, the replacement did not help, still causing fire and explosion accidents. As a result, Samsung officially announced that it would stop selling and manufacturing the new device Note 7. So far, the Korean electronics giant has not known the cause for the phone's overheating and automatic catching fire issue. According to report, the mystery is delaying the development of Samsung's next flagship phone Galaxy S8.
Samsung did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but a spokeswoman for the company told Wall Street Journal that it is still searching for the cause of the phone's overheating.
"We recognized that we did not correctly identify the issue the first time and remain committed to finding the root cause," she said. "Our top priority remains the safety of our customers and retrieving 100 percent of the Galaxy Note 7 devices in the market."
The effort to solve that mystery is now having an affect on the S8, according to the Journal. Development of the S8 has been delayed by two weeks as engineers try to determine the cause of the Note 7's overheating issues, a member of the S8 development team told the Journal.
The Note 7, which hit the market in mid-August, was expected to solidify Samsung's lead in the mobile market after a strong showing with its Galaxy S7. The company had just begun to regain its swagger after stumbling the previous year with lackluster products.
But Samsung was soon dealing a massive public relations mess, issuing a worldwide recall of Galaxy Note 7 devices after a battery flaw apparently caused dozens of the phones to explode or burst into flames.
After recalling the device for a second time due to continuing heat issues, the company said in mid-October it would discontinue the device. Samsung estimates the debacle will cost the company $3 billion.

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