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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Top 8 Best Deals for 2016 Black Friday

As is well known to us all, it is Black Friday one day after American Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday is famous for the shopping mania. Black Friday in 2016 falls on November 25th, and may be more important than ever. There are many potential gifts this year, such as 4K TVs, new game consoles, media hubs, mobile devices, wearables and so on. Here comes the question: where do you go to find the best bargains? Here I make a list of top 8 best online deals for you to visit on November 25th, thus you don't have to go to packed stores and shopping malls.

1. Amazon

Amazon likes to go all-out for Black Friday, and that's certainly true this time around.  It's offering some hefty discounts on its rapidly growing hardware lineup, and you should see sales on at least a few big-name products.  It's not disclosing everything at once, but you can check its Black Friday page to see what's new.

2. Best Buy

As is its custom, Best Buy is running big sales not only on Black Friday, but the 24th (starting at 5PM local time) and the 26th.  Some sales are already running before then, and you can usually get them online.

3. Microsoft

Microsoft wouldn't let Black Friday go without some hefty price cuts.  Most of them start on November 24th, and are available both in its stores and on the web.

 4. Newegg

Online retailer Newegg is best known for its PC parts, but its Black Friday deals (starting November 24th) are eclectic, covering everything from complete PCs to phones to TVs.

 5. Samsung

Just like last year, Samsung wants you to skip third-party retailers and buy straight from the source... namely, its website.  And in some cases, its Black Friday sales (which run all week long) will be worth it.

 6. Staples

Staples' Black Friday deals this year focus on PCs, but there are a few treats in other categories.  They're typically available both in stores and online.

 7. Target

Target has loads of Black Friday deals in 2016, some of them huge -- it may be your destination of choice for Apple gear. Retail stores open at 6PM on Thursday the 24th, but you can also shop online.

 8. Walmart

Walmart is practically the poster child for Black Friday, and its 2016 deals are a good example of why -- it's cutting prices across a slew of gadgets, in some cases by hefty margins.  Retail stores will offer the discounts at 6PM on November 24th, but they're available all day if you shop online.

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