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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Titanic, Snow White and Huntsman, Lola Versus Hit the Shelves on DVD and Blu-ray This Week

This week, there are totally 3 movies on the list of  DVD and Blu-ray releases, which includes the Titanic, Snow White and Huntsman, Lola Versus. Among all of them, Titanic is my most anticipated one, what about you?

Far as I know, a lineup of Hollywood blockbusters will come this fall. The Titanic is just one of them and it has hit the stores yesterday, with the release of digitally re-mastered DVD, common Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D. Personally, nothing on earth can rival with the epic spectacle and breathtaking grandeur of Titanic. So, you have no reason to miss out buying those Titanic discs for forever keeping. 

The Snow White and Huntsman is widely regarded as a mash-up between fairy tale and a big battle epic, with a fantasy but violence theme. Although this film earns a fairly decent amount at the box office, seemingly all global eyes tend to focus on the gossip between the actor and director and the film is totally overshadowed. Thankfully, there comes a chance for us to re-consider the film itself with the release of DVD/Blu-ray versions on September 11. All digital copies are jam-packed with plenty of extras for the fans, if you are interested in, just go and purchase one!

Well, the Blu-ray/DVD copies of romantic comedy Lola Versus have been released yesterday. As a critics disliked film that just bringing in $252,603 at the box office, will you get it to your shelves?

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