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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

BlackBerry 10 L-Series Clearest Pictures Leaked-BlackBerry's Last Hope

The most stirring news of today is that the clearest photos yet have emerged showing off Blackberry next-generation mobile, BlackBerry 10 L-series, and you may have noticed that it looks more like iPhone 5 and Motorola Droid X. 

Apart from the images, no official specifications or clues as to the internal hardware and release date are leaked. Presently, analysts are guessing that BlackBerry 10 devices will start arriving on store shelves in or around March of 2013. Really look forward to the arrival of this high-end smartphone. 

After browsing through the leaked images, you will find that the new BlackBerry phone has no home button. Moreover, the front of the purported BlackBerry L-Series handset is dominated by a glass-covered edge-to-edge display, which is a significant upgrade from the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha handset. The handset likely keeps the 1280x768 resolution of its predecessor, along with 16GB or more of internal storage which can be upgraded using an included micro-SD card slot. The front of the device also includes a front-facing camera and the usual silvered BlackBerry logo beneath the display. 

Other shots reveal a 1,800mAh battery, NFC supported, a rear-facing camera with flash, and a micro-USB data and charging connector. A micro-HDMI connector is also included on the handset, providing it with the ability to connect to high-resolution external displays - suggesting RIM will be bundling film rental services, as its rivals Apple and Google do with their respective operating systems. 

It is widely believe that BlackBerry L-Series is potentially the first fully touchscreen BB10 device. Assorted rumors suggest that the BlackBerry 10 will be officially unveiled on January 30th, 2012, which is designed to take BlackBerry handsets out of the featurephone era and into the world of the smartphone with full support for HTML5 browsing, high-resolution displays and third-party applications - including support for some Android apps.

Will BlackBerry 10 save RIM? Will the L series survive without a keyboard? Let us stay tuned!


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