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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

7 Best Christmas Movies Only Belong to Your Kids

Once again, we have to say hello to another Christmas and I find myself is in deep mood to be festive, what about you all? For many families, settling down together to watch a Christmas movies is as much a tradition as hanging stockings and trimming the tree. Those sappy Christmas movies warm our hearts, restore our faith in humanity and generally bring joy to the world. If you not really in the loop on which Christmas movies are great for kids, so here let me help you! I have rounded up a list of our 7 favorite Christmas movies for kids. From tots to teens, you will find a little something for everyone here. Included are the old classics, some more recent favorites and a couple you may have even forgotten about. So check out!

1. A Muppet Christmas Carol
Of all the versions of Dickens' classic story, this one is by far the best. It sticks close to the Dickens classic tale in every respect, from the scenery to the costuming and language. it's a film every family should see this time of year.

2. Miracle on 34th Street
Every child who has ever wondered if the department store Santa is the real thing will find the reason to believe in this Academy Award-winning movie. A young Natalie Wood gives a beautiful and touching performance as a little girl who helps those around her learn the true meaning of Christmas.

3. A Charlie Brown Christmas
It just wouldn't be Christmas without Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang. A timeless story about a boy searching for the true meaning of the holiday, the film is memorable not only for the sad little tree in which he finds it, but also let us realize that a little affection can make all the difference in the world, even to a tree. It's a must see for every boy and girl.

4. Santa Clause
The Santa Clause series are super fun to watch over and over again. And the first movie is the best but the others are entertaining enough. It just tells a story about a business executive who finds himself the new Santa Claus. As the transformation begins he must learn to deal with his new identity and at the same time retain his old identity as the father of a young boy.

5. The Snowman
I am in love with Raymond Briggs’ THE SNOWMAN!!! Beautiful story…no words….just music… favorite of all time…..I watched when I was young… kids loved it too now !!!! This is precisely what I was going to recommend. It’s not the most popular or well-known, but it is so sweet, so heart-warming.

6. Home Alone
There are plenty of movies to watch at this Christmas and how can it be without the classic Home Alone! Little Kevin who in the first movie is inadvertently left "Home Alone" while his family flies to France for Christmas, and is forced to defend his home from a team of  burglars. It is an awesome movies to sit back and watch with your kids.

7. Elf
A man raised by Santa Claus and his elves returning to the real world in search of his father, Buddy finds hilarious adventure -- and love -- in New York City.

All of the Christmas movies for kids here have messages that are right in line with the holiday spirit. Just have some hot chocolate, eat some popcorn and enjoy them together with your young boys and girls.

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