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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Top 5 Free Android Apps to Stream Movies and TV Shows

Far as I know, more and more people are inclined to watch movies or catch up TV shows with their tablets or phones. Yes indeed! Those mobile devices provide us a handy way for daily entertainment while lying in the bed, on the travel or just on the move. If you are a film lover and currently look for some top yet free apps to suit your cinematic needs, just check my list here. I pick 5 best free apps for the cineaste and TV lovers in all of us. From cinema listings to streaming blockbusters, these apps will put you in the picture.

1. IMDb Movies And TV (Free) 
Anyone loves movie will know that IMDB (Internet Movie Database) is an absolute must-have. It’s the most comprehensive source of film info around, making it absolutely essential. It is quite helpful for tacking showtimes at the local cinema, checking out gossip and trivia about your favorite shows and movie stars, and for watching trailer to upcoming films. This app also lets you buy movies from Amazon right inside it. If you feel the need, you can add it to your collection. This definitely is a must download for every movie buff.

2. Netflix (Free) 
Netflix is one of the biggest name on streaming TV shows as well as movies. If you are a member of their subscription service, you could gain access to an unlimited amount of films and TV programmes to stream on your tablet. Although the selection of movies cannot compare with IMDb, but new titles are being added every day. The highlight of this app is that it allows you to start watching a film on one device and continue watching it on another. For example, you can firstly watch a film on your tablet, then finish watching it on your laptop or some other devices.

3. Movies By Flixster (Free) 
If you want a great way to look up recent releases in your local area, this app is for you. It lists current box-office titles, showtimes and view trailers. You can also get critic review and score from Rotten Tomatoes, create and share your want-to-see movie lists, and rate and review movies. You also allow linking up with your Facebook account to make your shares more social.

4. Crackle (Free) 
Another great movie streaming service for you. Crackle allows you to watch full-length Hollywood films and TV series' at totally no cost at all and without subscription. But one thing I should mention that the TV series are not particularly attractive and the movies are a little bit out-fashion. It is said that 20 new TV episodes and movies are added on a monthly basis. You are free to create your own queue of movies. Note that your device should run above Android V2.2 and support Flash 10.1 or later.

5. GetGlue (Free) 
GetGlue is also a booming app that lets you check-in movies, TV shows and music. There are so many popular TV shows covered like American Idol, Glee, Dancing with the Stars. The app allows you to chat with friends while watching TV. You are also allowed to view what your friends are watching. It you are subscription member, you can view personalized recommendations and unlock stickers and discounts.

Okay, all my recommendations of best 5 free Android apps to stream movies and TV shows are all listed. You are highly recommended to show any other streaming app that you are using in the comments section!


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