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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Top 10 Tips to Keep iPhone More Secure and Safer

If you're an Apple iPhone user and security is not on your mind, you're at risk; at risk of having a Web mail account hacked; at risk of having your online identity stolen; and at risk of losing valuable personal information, such as wireless service account data, that could result in financial losses. You are also at risk of your personal data on the phone in the hands of others. So, iPhone security is sooooooo important. To avoid you lost in a bad situation, today I will share you 10 helpful mobile security tips to secure your iPhone and keep your iPhone safer than before. Check out:

1. Update Firmware

Undoubtedly, the best way for iPhone security is to update firmware to make sure that all the date present on the iPhone have all the protection is needs to be there.

Just follow below steps to update iPhone Firmware
  • Connect the iPhone to the computer 
  • Open iTunes 
  • Select iPhone under devices in the source list 
  • Select Check For Update 
  • Select Download and Install

2. Disable Wi-Fi

This is self-apparent yet important enough to include in the list. Most of you automatically disable Wi-Fi to conserve the battery. But you should know that disabling Wi-Fi will increase your iPhone's security. Just be sure that turn Wi-Fi on only when needed.

You can turn off or Disable iPhone's Wi-Fi by below steps:
  • Tap Settings 
  • Tap Wi-Fi 
  • Turn Wi-Fi off

3. Disable Bluetooth

Features that make life easier for the user tend to make it easier for bad guys as well. And Bluetooth is one such a feature. It brings many conveniences like sharing information between phones, the use of wireless headsets, etc. Yet attackers could also use it to Bluejack a phone. So you should only turn it on whenever you need it, otherwise just keep it disabled.

Follow the steps to turn Bluetooth off
  • Pick Settings. 
  • Tap General. 
  • Tap Bluetooth. 
  • Turn Bluetooth off.

4. Disable Automatic Connections

By default, the iPhone retains association settings of the Wi-Fi networks it connects to, which allows the phone to automatically reconnect when within range. Automatic association isn’t recommended, as it’s easy to spoof trusted networks. Still, disallowing automatic association is kind of a pain, as doing so requires you to enter the passkey each time. I’ll leave this one up to you. To prevent automatic association use the following steps:
  • Tap Settings 
  • Select Wi-Fi(make sure Wi-Fi is on) 
  • Tap the blue arrow of the network to forget 
  • Select Forget This Network

5. Disable Location Services

The iPhone is one of the best phones for location services because it has an automatic GPS built into the device. This is great for GPS apps and turn-by-turn directions, but not so great for people who want to track you and your phone. So you can turn off the feature. However, one thing I should mention is that this might interfere with any GPS apps so if you use GPS a lot, you will need to re-enable the GPS services. If so desired, follow the steps below to disable location services:
  • Tap Settings. 
  • Tap General. 
  • Turn Location Services off.

6: Set a passcode

Setting a passcode definitely increases the security of the iPhone. It make harder for someone to gain access to the iPhone because the phone automatically locks. Use the following steps to set a passcode.
  • Select Settings. 
  • Select General. 
  • Tap Passcode Lock. 
  • Enter a four-digit passcode. 
  • Re-enter the same passcode.

7. Erase data after number of wrong pass codes attempts

This tip is quite helpful if you are unwilling to make the sensitive information on your phone get into the wrong hands. To avoid others unlock your phone password and steal your private data, you could set the maximum number of wrong pass codes attempts. Once in excess of the attempts, all users settings and data stored on the iPhone will be erased. Use the following steps to turn erase data on:
  • Select Settings. 
  • Tap General. 
  • Choose Passcode Lock. 
  • Turn Erase Data on.

8: Erase data before returning, repairing or reselling the iPhone

If you plan to sell or repair your phone, it is the best option to remove sensitive data or erase all your data before that then hand it over to someone else. Use the following steps to prevent others from accessing your personal information:
  • Select Settings. 
  • Tap General. 
  • Choose Reset. 
  • Select Erase All Contents And Settings.

9: Disable SMS preview

It is generally known that previewing a recently received text message is still possible even when the iPhone is locked. Just in person, I immediately disabled SMS preview on my iPhone, as I am unwilling to make my text messages visible when the phone is locked. If you wanna do that, use the following steps to turn off SMS preview.
  • Select Settings. 
  • Tap General. 
  • Choose Passcode Lock. 
  • Turn Show SMS Preview off

10: Disable JavaScript and plug-ins in Safari

Personally I recommend disabling JavaScript and plug-ins on iPhone. You know, the iPhone uses a fully functional web browser, it is susceptible to all the same JavaScript and plug-in exploits that plague normal computers. Although doing so will break certain web page characteristics, it is yet another balancing act between security and usability. If you want to err on the side of security, use the following steps to disable both:
  • Select Settings. 
  • Tap Safari. 
  • Turn JavaScript off. 
  • Turn Plug-Ins off. 

Okay, that's all my 10 tips on how to enhance iPhone security. I have found that most of the people never take advantage of them unless prodded. I cannot in good conscious say that applying all of these tips is the only way to keep your iPhone safer, but that's just up to you! I just wanted to make sure everyone knew what was available. Maybe you can take a try!


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