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Thursday, August 16, 2012

iPhone 5 is Gearing Up and Starting to Pre-sales on September 12

In line with the report from iMore, Apple is expected to get started the pre-sales for the iPhone 5 on September 12. We all are capable of placing the orders on the kick-off day, plus the freshest mobile handset will be shipped on September 21. Meanwhile, due to this firing up announcement, some retailers like Sprint are reducing the selling price of iPhone 4S. If you have been waiting the price cutting of iPhone 4S, do not hesitate to grasp the rare chance.

Although details of the long-awaited new phone have not been officially unleashed, it can not stop iPhone followers from seeking out varied online rumors of this iOS 6 stuffed gadget. If you are the one looking for the roundup rumors of forthcoming iPhone 5, you are coming to the right place.

Among the most popular rumors right now, the iPhone 5 price, features and design are mainly foucused. Check out below in-depth rundown!

Name: Possibly iPhone 5 is still the name of the new iPhone, but it might follow the new iPad and end up being called, say, the new iPhone.

Processor: It will come with the long-rumored quad-core processor or the dual-core A5X chip found in Apple’s new iPad.

Screen: Various sources claim that the iPhone 5 will feature a larger 4-inch screen with 640 x 1136 pixels resolution and a 16:9 aspect ratio. 

Connectivity: 4G LTE is widely expected to come equipped with iPhone 5.

OS: The final operating system is anticipated to be stuffed with iOS 6.

Camera: Sources have suggested the new iPhone will have an 8MP camera.

Price: In the US, the iPhone 4S came in at $199 for the 16GB model, 32GB for $299 and 64GB for $399 on a two year deal. Most likely the same case will pop up again, in the basis of previous iPhone models.

Battery: Seemingly there is a slight change on the iPhone 5 battery life. According to an online resource, the upcoming iPhone is thought to be equipped with a 1,440mAh battery. However, we know that the current iPhone 4S sports a 1,430mAh battery capacity.

Well, the pre-ordering day is fast approaching! Will you go for a new iPhone 5?

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