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Friday, August 31, 2012

Weekend Movie: Best 6 Blu-ray 3D Blockbuster in 2012 for Home Entertainment

Want to immerse yourself into those amazing 3D movies in home 3D players with the ultimate visual experience this weekend? There are a whole host of thrilling 3D movies already hitting the cinemas this year, now let us take a look at the best 6 3D movies below to feast your eyes!

Best 1: The Avengers


Best 2: Titanic


Best 3: Brave

Best 4: The Amazing Spider-Man  


Best 5: Ice Age 4: Continental Drift


Best 6: Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

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  1. I rented "The Avengers" through Dish's Blockbuster@Home on blu-ray and I loved how good the special effects were. I use to read marvel comics growing up, and seeing this movie on my HDTV in the highest quality picture possible brought a smile to my face. I streamed "Brave" this weekend for my kids and it was really easy to do with my Blockbuster@Home service. My Dish coworker told me that Blockbuster@Home allows me to rent disc’s by mail and stream 3,000 movies to my TV and 4,000 to my PC. I can rent movies, TV shows, blu-rays and games by mail, and there are no due dates or late fees to worry about.


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