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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Top 5 Best Selling 3D Smart TVs on August for Avatar 3D Blu-ray Watch

We know that 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has reached a nice cooperation with Panasonic. Now, consumers purchasing a 3D Blu-ray player or Smart TV from Panasonic will be offered an Avatar 3D Blu-ray. For those who currently possess a Panasonic 3D TV at home will get a chance to enjoy 3D movies on a big screen with the same effect as cinema. So please do not hesitate to show off your 3D technology to friends.

In my view, 3D television is the future of home entertainment. Based on an online report, sales of 3D-enabled displays are greatly growing this year and more and more homes turn to hold 3D televisions. Have you already owned a 3D HDTV on your household? At this point, if you are planning to purchase one so as to meet up with your needs for 3D Blu-ray movie watching, I highly recommend you to flick through below posts to know the 5 best selling 3D Smart TVs on August.
Top 1: Panasonic TC-P50ST50
Pros: 1. Inky blacks and outstanding color accuracy
2. Enhance your TV experience with Popular Apps like Nefflix, Amazon Instant Video, Facebook, Twitter, Huluplus.
3. Share content on the large screen with 3D lifelike images.
4. Built-in Wi-Fi connection
5. Support 1080p Full screen high definition video playback
6. Robust audio output
7. Sleek design

Cons: 1. Use lots of power.
2. Low brightness
3. Only 3 HDMI ports
4. Include no 3D glasses
Top 2: Samsung UN55ES8000
Pros: 1. 55-inch LCD HDTV with a high resolution of 1920x1080 (1080p)
2. Four pairs of 3D glasses included, great depth with 3D performance
3. The most capable Smart TV platform in this field.
4. Touch-pad remote
5. Excellent black levels
6. Boast superb color accuracy with brilliant and bright picture
7. IR blaster
8. Motion and voice command
9. Wi-Fi connection

Cons: 1. Some light bleed from edges
2. Poor off-axis performance
3. High selling price
Top 3: LG 55LM7600
Pros: 1. Show colors realistically and beautifully at the same time, boast good contrast along with dark scenes and precision detail, high quality picture
2. Six pairs of 3D glasses are sent with this television model, wonderful 3D performance
3. Wi-Fi connection support so that you can access Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, YouTube and amny other premium channels.
4. Use approximately 30% energy than regular TVs

Cons: 1. Magic remote is not user friendly
2. The negative on black color level
Top 4: Samsung UN55ES6500
Pros: 1. 55-inch LED 3D HDTV with a low price-tag, 1080p HD resolution
2. Access additional digital content from various online and offline sources
3. 3D technology support
4. Built-in Wi-Fi with web browser
5. Smart Hub connected TV suite
6. Good shadow detail
7. 2 pairs of 3D glasses included

Cons: 1. Bad Black level and low contrast ratio
2. Fairly bad uniformity
Top 5: Panasonic TC-55GT50
Pros: 1. Offer exceptional black levels, images are shown with crisp clean edges
2. 3D immersive experience with a theater-like quality
3. Share content on the large screen with 3D lifelike images.
4. Built-in Wi-Fi connection aiding you to access the internet with your HDTV
5. Support 1080p Full screen high definition video playback
6. Types of apps will be found like Netflix, Twitter, Facebook and Hulu
7. Easy-to-use remote control

Cons: 1. The ST50 is not particularly energy efficient and from one test, we find it uses more power than competing LCD TVs.
2. Come with no 3D glasses, which means that you need shell out extra money for active shutter 3D glasses.

Among abovementioned top 5 HDTVs, Samsung UN55ES8000 and Panasonic TC-55GT50 are the ones deserve your consideration. (Just my personal view!)

When buying a 3D TV, just follow me to lie on the cozy sofa, take a cup of coffee and view Avatar in the living room within this lazy holiday!

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