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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Amazon is Expected to Announce New Kindle Fire 2 Tablet on September 6th?

Rumours are flourishing about the New Kindle Fire 2 these months, now seemingly we get a chance to take a glimpse of Amazon's upcoming large-sized tablet on September 6th. We just obtain that Amazon has sent invitations to the media for a press conference on September 6th in Santa Monica, California. Although the topic of the event still exists in the shadow, public widely believe that Amazon will roll out its next-generation Kindle Fire at that day.

With months of rumors, it implies that currently a 10-inch Amazon Kindle Fire 2 tablet is on the horizon, however, we still can not get the exact specs about it. In a bid to take a more competitive position while rivaling with the likes of the iPad and the Samsung newly released Galaxy Note 10.1, what on earth kinds of features will potentially comes with the new Kindle Fire 2?

First off let me focus on its selling price, most rumors suggest the new kindle Fire will be priced at the same level as its predecessor Kindle Fire, $199.

Refer to its display, rumors strongly suggest the Kindle Fire 2 will have a higher-resolution display with 1,280x800 pixels, which is the same as Nexus 7. Here what bothers us most is that we have no knowledge of exactly what processor will power this device. Perhaps a screaming quad-core Tegra processor?

With the 
already arrival  of Nexus 7 and the iPad Mini supposedly coming sometime this year, if Amazon wants to keep competing for the budget Android tablet market, they need to bring us more so as to draw more public attentions. Like the Google Nexus 7, I do think Amaxon will offer different memory options to users: 8GB and 16GB internal space. 

As with the initial Kindle Fire, its successor is believed to run Android OS, but expect to integrate with Amazon’s App Store and eReader, rather than the Android market and Google books. About the other possible features, latest news claim that this unconfirmed device will touch down with a front-facing camera, HDMI-out connector and a micro USB port.

While potentially true, the above features are to be taken with a grain of salt. So, what would you like to see from Amazon's new offering on September 6th event? Which features are on your wish list for the new Kindle Fire 2? Hope you can drop your comment in the section below.

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