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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

5 Best Christmas Gifts 2012 for iPad Owners

Okay, it is a little bit earlier to say "Merry Christmas" to you, but there is no better time than right now to prepare some Christmas gifts for loved ones! Wondering what gifts to pick up for your friends who own an iPad(No matter the iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 or even the newest iPad Mini) or soon-to-be a iPad owners? If so, to save your time and energy to hunt for some iPad gift ideas, below I have roundup a list of coolest, trendiest and most fashionable iPad gadgets, accessories and more for your surprising Christmas gifts this coming holiday season. Just check out my most recommended 5 picks below.

1. iPad Cases
If your friends already own an iPad but haven't done anything to protect it, iPad cases are no doubt the ideal Christmas gift, which could not only switch the iPad screen on and off, but also give protections to both back and front. Your friends can also fold back the case so as to prop iPad up a comfortable angle for typing and video watching. There are a wide range of iPad cases available, you can buy Apple Smart Cover as the gift, or purchase other types from Amazon, eBay, etc. as the presents.

2. iPad Car Kit
If your friends currently are planning a Christmas family vacation, it is the best for you to consider buying an iPad car kit to make their kids' entertained while on the journey. With such an iPad car kit, an in-car TV can be effortlessly built! They could pop iPad in it and then strap iPad to the back of the seat for kids to watch movies. Moreover, when getting to the destination, this iPad car kit could double as a protective case for iPad when taking it out of the car.

3. iPad Stylus Pen
With a fashionable stylus pen, writing, sketching and painting on iPad will be more convenient than using a finger. For those who want to use iPad for making presentations, this stylus pen is a quite helpful item. If your friends have not got such a pen, your golden chance is coming! Just shop for it as an awesome Christmas gift!

4. iPad Keyboard Dock
Without any doubt, the touch screen of iPad works great. However, if your friends are happened to be the ones that are not accustomed to take use of touch screen, a physical keyboard will be much helpful, right? You can choose it as a perfect Christmas present for friends. Meanwhile, among tons of keyboard docks, Apple iPad Keyboard dock is the one I highly suggest.

5. iTunes gift card
The last Christmas gift for iPad owner I recommend is iTunes gift card, which lets your friends shop for favorite movies, apps, songs, books and more from Apple store at any time they like. You can send them one card and let your friend equip their own iPad the way they want.

After browsing through all my lists, I do believe you have already made your decisions. So, do not hesitate to shop for the one already on your mind and surprise your beloved ones on 2012 Christmas.

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