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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Top 4 Christmas Holiday Cooking Apps for Android

With the Christmas holiday rolling around, it is about the time for you to make some oh-so-delicious foods for the festival celebration. Maybe currently you are plagued by preparing what kinds of foods, however, with the aid of those helpful Android cooking apps, you could fully get inspired with the best Christmas recipes they provided and then cook something that makes your dinner tablet look just like the pictures of a magazine. To help you embrace the best Android cooking apps from countless types, below I will list all best-reviewed apps for the Android platform. Just have your favorite one installed on your phone to help you whip up a tempting Christmas dinner. 

In the Kitchen ($1.99)
If you are the follower of Food Network, I bet you would love this app In the Kitchen. It contains a mass of recipes coming from the kitchens of your favorite Food network chefs. Just thru some simple search and browsing tools, you could easily get your needed recipes on In the Kitchen.

You are allowed to search what you need by using an ingredient or dish as a keyword, or just tap the image of your favorite chef to check out their favorite recipes. It also adds a dashboard button that leads you directly to a roundup of festival recipe collections. Doubtlessly, In the Kitchen is your tried-and-true cooking assistant this coming Christmas holiday. 

BigOven (free)

It is said that BigOven provides over 250,000 recipes for your cooking reference. With its well-designed interface, it is quite pleasure to shift all of its delicious contents. I do believe you will fall in love with it.

Nearly same as other cooking apps, you could search your desire recipes by both ingredients and category. There are also a number of specific recipe collections on it, like Thanksgiving collection, Christmas collection, etc. The most amazing feature of BigOven is the Search by Leftovers. With it, you can input as many as three ingredients you have in your kitchen and then search for recipes that require them. Face-to-face, BigOven should become your bread and butter when it comes to cooking this holiday season, thanks to its incredible database and all of its extra conveniences.

How to Cook Everything ($4.99)
Just like its title, this cooking app gives you the information on how to cook everything. And now it is appreciated by so many cooking beginners and experts. This cooking app is based on the New York Times columnist Mark Bittman's best-selling cookbook, and I do believe you will find your needed recipes from it. It is said that this is an app beginners will find helpful for cooking times and even thawing methods for your holiday dinners. With it, your family members is sure to be in awe of your cooking abilities, even if you are newbie for cooking!

AllRecipes Dinner Spinner ($2.99):

Personally, the AllRecipes Dinner Spinner will always provide you new ideas for cooking, thanks to its more than 40,000 recipes. You can find your needed recipes by keywords like ingredient, nutrition, and the types of dish you want to make (breakfast, appetizer, cookies, etc.). It also offers you the time you have to prepare your cooking. My favorite feature on AllRecipes Dinner Spinner is that it allows you to email recipes to friends or sharing recipes thru twitters and Facebook. Its slot-machine-style interface helps you search for or just stumble upon new meal possibilities. Love it?

I do believe, after you use those cooking apps I list above, the Christmas dinner you make will be the brightest star on the Christmas night, and surely you will receive loads of thumb-ups from your kids, lovers, parents……Enjoy that wonderful moments with loved ones!

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  1. Great apps! This kind of apps are very useful in choosing what kind of food to cook if there's an occasion like Christmas or birthday.

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  3. Christmas is coming soon.People are already started celebrations and for android users, they are getting 10 free and festive Christam apps for free and to get you in a festive mood.


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