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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Top 10 Best Christmas Movies for Kids and Family in 2012 Christmas Holiday

The greatest time of the year Christmas is coming again! And all your family members will get together at Christmas for grand celebration. To fire up the Christmas mood, watching Christmas movies is obviously the ideal way. Since there are decades worth of Christmas movies that could now be purchased for building Christmas ambiance like romance, good triumphs over evil and the spirit of goodness and giving at Christmas , right here I just provide a top 10 list of best Christmas movies for family rerunning on this holiday season.

1. Those oldies yet enjoying great popularity all time

  • It’s a Wonderful Life

A happy-go-lucky angle helps a despairingly frustrated man to visit the world where he never ever existed, and finally make him understand the real value of living. Premiering in 1946 and starring James Stewart, this hear-warming and bittersweet film is deserving your Christmas viewing.

  •  White Christmas

The highlight of this timeless movies is that two screen legends Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye are brought together to boost our Christmas air with beginning-to-end songs and dances. Those awesome shows are sure to immerse your whole family into the Christmas spirit.

  • Miracle on 34th Street

This is another classic that can be enjoyed by the whole family on this coming Christmas. The amazing movie just tells a story that the man Kris Kringle pays all his effort to demonstrate Santa Claus actually exists. The tunes, setting and actor performance are pretty gorgeous in this movie. I do believe your whole family will be deeply impressed while watching together.

2. The Comedies to bring your family more laughters

  • Elf

A man raised as elf who goes off to New York to search his real identity. The whole adventure is full of ridiculous fun. It is a real feel good film with a funny but heart-warming theme. I like it so much and so I highly recommend it to you all this Christmas.

  • The Santa Claus

Personally, there are just few films that deserve to be seen every Christmas, and The Santa Claus is one of them. You really have no need to waste your money and time to watch other Santa Claus sequels, because this one is the best and is amazing beyond your imagination. A man inadvertently kills Santa on Christmas Eve and finally finds himself magically recruited to take Santa's place. To make his son pleasure, he has to become the new Santa. After you watch it, you will find it shows very touched relationship between father and son. Strongly suggest you to watch it with your kids.

  • Home Alone

Doubtlessly, Macaulay Culkin's Home Along fits your bill as you shop for it this Christmas. When 8-year-old Kevin is accidentally left home along by his family while they fly off to France for Christmas Vocation, he has to defend this home against idiotic thieves. This black comedy is quite suitable for kids and brings them so much fun.

  • The Holiday

The Holiday is a perfect date movies for adults or someone else who are looking for a good romantic comedy. The heartwarming movie takes place at Christmas time but not mention too much about the Christmas mood. However, the big snow in this movie will get your family into the festive spirit fully.

  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Among all kids of Christmas movies, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is my favorites. Bear in mind that it is not suitable for your kids, just watch it after they go to bed. So to speak, this movie is a little bit slap-stick. If you love such kind of movie, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation fits you perfectly. It tells a story that Griswald family plan on staying home for the festive season to enjoy the best Christmas ever. Cue crazy scenes of Chevy Chase putting up Christmas lights, Christmas trees and other madcap family mayhem.

3. For the Kiddies

  • The Snowman

The Snowman is adapted by the famous book The Snowman and gets an immediate success. This wordless animation tells the wonderful movies by pictures, actions and music.

  • Father Christmas

Another great animation could make your children laughing thanks to the humor of Father Christmas. Quite beautiful video deserves your kids' watching.

Those above are all top 10 best Christmas Movies I strongly recommend. You can also shop for them on DVD from Amazon and make them as Christmas gifts. Well, pick up your favorite one for Christmas viewing on big screens, or just watch them on your portable devices like iPad Mini, iPad 4, iPhone 5, Galaxy S3, etc. Have fun!

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