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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date Rumors & What to Expect

In recent times, the rumors regarding on Samsung's next-generation flagship Galaxy S4 reaching a fever pitch. Masses of reports suggest that this mobile will be unveiled at some point next year with boasting a 13-megapixel camera, new quad-core Exynos Adonis processor built using 28nm technology, and 5-inch Super AMOLED display with full HD (1920×1080) resolution, making it on par with the HTC Droid DNA. So here let us take a look at what we features and specs could expect from Galaxy S4.
Galaxy S4 – Design
Now since mobile makers are in a race to see who could make the biggest, slimmest and lightest devices, so what to expect is that the Galaxy S4 will bigger, slimmer and lighter than S3, and hopefully S4 is built with far better quality materials.

Galaxy S4 – Display
Latest reports point out that Galaxy S4 will features a 5-inch full HD 1920x1080 pixel display that’ll pack in a staggering pixel density of 441ppi. Samsung is also reported to use flexible OLED panels rather than glass setups aboard its next flagship, although whether this actually turns out to be the case remains to be seen.

Galaxy S4 – Processor
It is said that Samsung will showcase a dual quad-core mobile process at the International Solid-Stat Circuits Conference in February next year. The System-on-Chip (SoC) is a 28nm chip, with one quad-core cluster running at 1.8GHz for high performance apps, and the other running at 1.2GHz for energy efficiency. Based on an ARM A15 Cortex setup, this chipset is widely believed to be the one that will power Samsung’s Galaxy S4. We all know that Galaxy S4 is the biggest release next year, Samsung is sure to not lunch a new flagship with its current processor chip. It is not Samsung's style. So let us stay tuned to see the coming of Samsung's flagship, with the new Exynos-branded ARM A15-based SoC capable of staggering processing power.

Galaxy S4 – Storage
Most likely that Galaxy S4 will have three versions: 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, all of which with SD support. As you probably know, Samsung has kicked off its its 10nm 64GB eMMC memory chip, and already putting this 64GB chip to use inside a new black variant of its Galaxy S3, which is due to launch in the UK later this month. That means the top-end Galaxy S4 will follow this trend and finally get a 64GB version plus with SD-support.

Galaxy S4 – Camera
According to multiple sources, the Galaxy S4 will features a 13-megapixel Sony Exmore RS sensor, which means that there will be a truly high-end camera built into Samsung's next-generation flagship and Galaxy S4 will have one of the best shooters on the market.

Galaxy S4 – LTE
As I said before, LTE is the trend of future network, so there can be no doubt that Samsung will outfit 4G LTE on Galaxy S4, just Samsung ever does with Galaxy S3 and Note 2.

Galaxy S4– Battery Life
We already know that the S3's 2100mAh blows S2 out of the water, so the battery life on S4 should totally beat the S3. Motorola has proven that it is just a piece of cake to pack a 3,300mAh power into RAZR Maxx, we are highly expect Samsung will bring us with more surprise on its next Galaxy S4.

Galaxy S4 – Release Date
It seems more than likely that Samsung will release the Galaxy S4 at NWC 2012, instead focusing on the launch in May 2013. You know, nearly every year Samsung chooses that time to announce its top handset.

Having said that, I bet there will be a few leaked images relating to the Galaxy S4 during NWC 2013 and CES 2013. So, let us wait for a while to get the closest to the truth. 

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