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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Oscar 2013 Predictions: Top 5 Hot Winners in 2013 Oscar Ceremony

It can be said without exaggeration that Academy Awards to actors is what Nobel Prize to scientists. Although the annual grand event for global filmmakers and actors Oscar is a little bit far away, now the predictions for the 2013 Oscar ceremony is spreading every corner of this world. Obviously, the most thrilling part of 2013 Oscar prediction is that which movie will be the most potential winner. Thus, this post will show you 5 hot possible films that may be in the running for nominations in 2013 Oscar. Read for more! 

1. Les Miserables 
Latest Oscar 2013 predictions show that Les Miserables will become the most possible and biggest winner in 2013 Oscar ceremony. It is all known that Oscar is in favor of those art-oriented movies just like the classic novel based Les Miserables. Although now The Hobbit scores a runaway success at the box office, it is widely believed that Les Miserables will overrun its dominance. As for the nominations, Les Miserables may help Hugh Jackman to become best actor, Annie Hathaway to be best actress and Tom Hooper to become the best director. Certainly, this movie is also a possible winner for Academy Awards involving sound, music, script and costumes.

2. The Hobbits: An Unexpected Journey
It seems like that summer movies in 2012 are targeting at commercial success while December movies are attempting to be the Oscar winner, just like Les Miserables, The Hobbit. So to speak, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is 2012 most successful movie just apart from The Dark Knight Rises. As a new version of The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit is not only a market winner but an award winner in 2013 Oscar. If The Hobbits has inherited the spirits of The Return of the Kings, it will get great chances to win Academy Awards for Best Picture, Film Editing and Best Costume Design and Best Visual Effects.

3. The Dark Knight Rises 
The Dark Knight Rises puts The Dark Knight franchise up there as one of the best superhero film series ever, thanks to its excellent plot, grand theme, profound meaning, thrilling fighting and surprising ending. As the finale of Batman trilogy, it is indeed a born Oscar winner. Personally, Christopher Nolan fully deserves the title of 2013 Academy Awards Best Director. Besides, The Dark Knight Rises is also the potential winner for Sound Mixing and Sound Editing in 2013 Oscar. 

4. Life of Pi 
Most movies in 2012 fail to fulfill the artistic appetites of Academy Awards judges. Fortunately, Life of Pi is not the one and possibly become a runaway winner. Directed by Ang Lee, this movie is an amazing work that mixes high adventure with some thought-provoking questions about faith and wraps it up with some incredible technical whiz-bang. Lee is likely to get a best director nomination. Furthermore, the visual effect of Life of Pi can be compared to James Cameron’s Avatar, so it will be qualified for a plethora of awards including Music, Best Screen Play, Best Visual Effects, Best picture and Best Cinematography.

5. Lincoln
As an outstanding movie made by Steven Spielberg, I bet no one dare exclude Lincoln from the list of 2013 potential Oscar winners. This movie surprise the world after it released in 2012 and was widely accepted. Obviously Steven Spielberg makes this Lincoln movie the best one in existence. With regards to the 2013 nominations, Steven Spielberg is very likely to get his third Academy Awards for Best Director and Daniel Levis will award for his third Oscar Statuette for Best Actor. Moreover, this movie is a possible winner to win the Best Picture. 

Note: The 85th Academy Awards will be held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, on 24 February 2013. Set your alarm clock and see which film is the biggest winner! 

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