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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Top 5 Free Music Apps for Android Music Lovers in 2013

Music is what? Of course the thing you will never get enough of, and the thing to delight your ear, letting you get into the mood. Whether you want to dance out to your music with everyone or just like to put on the earplugs for some personal auditory relaxation, music is within your reach especially if you own an Android phone. Not only music in fact, since you can also get the best books, podcasts and more. Here, I’ve collected 5 best free music apps for Android music lovers to get that aural experience your ears deserve. 

1. Pandora (Free, US only)

If you listen to internet radio, you definitely know about Pandora. It is how radio should be – a personalized service that sends you only the music you like on your phone. This app is free and requires no subscription fees, though you do need to reside in the US to use it.

Just enter your favorite artist and Pandora will play songs by them along with similar artists that Pandora recommends. You can rate the songs and bookmark favorite artists that you've discovered as you listen. Pandora also features hundreds of music and comedy genre stations ranging from Dubstep to Smooth Jazz to Power Workout. The Pandora app really works best when you're connected to wi-fi so you can stream the songs without worrying the buffering. 

2. TuneIn Radio (free, Pro version for $0.99)

If you love radio but want to tune in radio on your smartphone, you must check out this free music app Tuneln Radio.

TuneIn Radio lets you find and listen to local radio stations wherever you are and save them as presets. I love to use this feature while I'm traveling. You can also enter a song or artist and you'll instantly have a list of all the radio stations around the country that play that song or artist. With a push of a button you can then listen to that radio station from your phone. If you want to record what you are hearing on the radio, maybe you can turn to its pro version.

3. TuneWiki (free)

TuneWiki is my favorite free music app and is really a great alternative to the default music player on my phone. Besides playing the music on your phone, TuneWiki have some added features to make it stand out from the rest of the free music apps around. While playing a song, the lyrics scroll across the screen in time with the music. Quite lovely feature!

Streaming radio is another added feature to the TuneWiki free music app. With TuneWiki on the Android you can dedicate songs to your friends through Facebook or Twitter. 

4. Spotify (Free, Spotify Premium $9.99/month)

Cool free music player! Spotify could give you instant access to millions of songs on your Android device and let you choose the music for free listening, or subsribe to Spotify Premium.

Spotify also offer Free radio service, but US only. US users can listen to radio for free. Discover and save music on the go! If your radio station plays a song you really like , you can save it with a single tap. Unlimited songs and stations are provided. 

5. Shazam (free)

Shazam is a very cool free music app that listens to a song you are playing and then tells you the name of the song and the artist. You then have the option of sharing your discovery, watching a music video of it on YouTube, playing it in Spotify, finding tour information, viewing a discography, reading album reviews, and creating a Pandora station based on that artist.

Each song that's identified through Shazam will then be shared as a tag. You can share these tags with your friends and view their discoveries as well. With Shazam, you will never have the problem grabbing that song you hear in the club or on the radio.

With above recommended 5 best free music apps, whether you are in the car, at the gym, running in the park, chilling at home or on the train, you can tune in the favorite music wherever and whenever, getting yourself into a relaxing mood.

Also, show your favorite Android music apps for us below! 

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