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Monday, January 14, 2013

Upcoming and Most Anticipated Tablets in 2013

2012 was a big year for tablets! Google embarked on the tablet market with two tablets: Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, both of which offered quite compelling specs and low prices. Apple launched two full-sized iPads and the iPad Mini. Further, Microsoft also joined in the battle with unveiling its Windows 8 and Windows RT tablet Microsoft Surface. Although not much is yet known about what tablets will come in 2013, lots of things can be deduced - or at least guessed, just based on what we've already seen. So following just let us have a look at the upcoming and most anticipated tablets in 2013.

1. Google's Next Nexus Tablet 

For sure, Google will unleash a new wave of Nexus tablets at some point in 2013. Due to the great success of Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, now we are expecting more with Google. Starring back to 2012, we could find that Google has launched its Nexus 7 in June and then Nexus 10 in November. If the company will continue with the same launching speed, it will be the date soon for Google to launch its new Nexus.

So, what can we expect from 2013 Google's new tablets? Most likely some features will be added to the next Nexus, such as the features of 3G we could not find in Nexus 10. Also, it may come with 4G network, whopping eight cores, Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, increased hardware capabilities, a microSD card slot, etc.

2. Apple iPad 5 

It is generally known that Apple releases a new iPad every year. Most likely you will remind me that they released two! Or Three iPad last year if counting the iPad Mini. It is quite clear Apple has speeded up the launch of iPad tablet, so the wait for a new iPad might not be long. Recently it is rumored that iPad 5 will appear in the March and features a slimmer, lighter design, more in line with iPad Mini.

3. iPad Mini 2

So to say, iPad Mini has got great success in the year 2012 and it is also said that we could see its next brother iPad Mini 2 on March, 2013. There are already lots of rumors about the iPad Mini 2. It will be Apple's next vision towards tablet, comes with a Retina Display with bringing the display up to a rumored 324 pixels per inch. iPad Mini 2 also will go with Apple's newest iOS 7. 

4. Microsoft's tablets 

2012 was just a start year for Windows 8 tablet. Windows Surface had a great vogue last year, most of its followers were feeling down with its poor hardware. So, we are so expected that Microsoft could show us a series of more powerful Windows tablets in 2013.

5. Amazon Kindle Fire 

Amazon are having quite great success with their Kindle Fire tablet line. So it is expected that the 3rd generation Kindle Fire is to be launched sometime this year and goes head-to-head with the new Nexus. We all know that Amazon’s Kindle fire is proved to be danger for the low cost Nexus 7 and is great competitor in the market. Expecting from the success of Kindle fire they will surely launch a next true competitor.

6. Blackberry Playbook 

With Blackberry 10 lunching in January, there is also a chance for RIM to make another Playbook for the tablet market. Blackberry is very slow for its Tablets and we are expecting that Blackberry will give its Blackberry Playbook a newer dimension in 2013.

7. HTC Windows RT tablets

Just in accordance with Bloomberg, HTC will launch a 12-inch tablet and a 7-inch tablet running Windows RT and they are slated to be released in Q3 of 2013. The 7-inch version would be the first 7-inch windows RT tablet to join in the 7-inch competition. The special feature about the HTC new tablets is that both of the two versions can make phone calls.That is to say, you can take it as a phone. It is said that the new tablets will use Qualcomm chips but no other specs have been revealed. Whatever, these new HTC tablets are worthy of expecting.

8. Nokia Windows 8 tablet

The big sales of Lumia 920 give Nokia confidence to work on a new Windows 8 tablet. The tablet will be matched with a kickstand-provided keyboard cover that will have its own battery, allowing it to run as an auxiliary power supply. Other known features include HDMI and USB ports, a cellular connection, and boasts a 10.1-inch display like the Microsoft Surface. AT&T will reportedly be the first carrier partner to sell the device. Nokia is succeeding to change its decay with the new windows smartphone, so would it be the same to the tablets? Let us wait to see.

After browsing through the above list, you must find that the tablet battle is just between the Windows, Android and iSO? So, which one will be final winner? Let time tell you!

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